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LTTCA does provider transportation to families who are enrolled. Our transportation will only be approved if the pickup and drop of times are able to fit into our schedule. Parents must fill out our transportation permission slip found below prior to approval.  Approval can take a few weeks if granted. If a family moves to another address after approval, there is a chance that we will not be able to accommodate the change of address.
Families must insure their children are ready 10 minutes prior to their scheduled pickup time. Our drivers will only wait at your address 3 minutes to insure an on time arrival for all families. For the families that will not need the use of our transportation, they must call 1 hour prior to their scheduled pickup and drop of time. Failure to do so will result in fees.

Drop off Procedure

Parents/ Guardians must walk their children to the Van or Bus and sign their kids in/out. Children will only be released to parents or authorized people on the transportation permission slip. If the driver arrives at the location for a drop off and the authorized person is not available, the driver will return to the center with the child. A $5 fee will be added to the parents account. 


LTTCA drivers have clean driving records which are checked annual. Our company runs Annual Background checks to insure the safety of your children in our care. Drug testing is done prior to employment for all drivers. Drug test are also to done randomly throughout each drivers employment.


Our Company uses StreetEagle which is GPS on steroids, providing the next generation of GPS tracking, monitoring, and protection for our vehicles. With real-time GPS tracking, automatic location updates, vehicle history mapping and reports, vehicle monitoring alerts, and vehicle control from any connected device, StreetEagle helps us stay connected 24/7.

Real-time GPS Tracking : StreetEagle retrieves our vehicles current location once a second from GPS satellites. This location information is stored onboard the GPS to accurately determine distance traveled, and deliver GPS locations with an accuracy of ± 5 feet.


If road conditions are bad, LTTCA will cancel its transportation. This notification will be made available on WISN, Twitter, and through our phone messaging service.

 Link to download Transportation Permission
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