Learning Through Technology
Technology Based Childcare


Learning Through Technology Childcare Academy uses technology to enhance our program. Technology is just not used by our kids, but also parents and teachers.  Our goal is to expose your child to the world of technology through games, apps, software, tablets, and computers.  Below are some examples on how your child will have the ability to access our technology.

Teachers use Teaching Strategies an online assessment and portfolio program designed for Head Start programs. Through this program parents are able to have their child’s progress emailed to them after parent teacher conferences. Staff will compile pictures, video, and notes to determine your child’s ability.

With our program, parents can view their child’s activities either in real time or through email at the end of their child’s day.



Baby Connect is a real time software program that is used for each child 2 and under. Gone are the days of the hand written reports that get lost or are thrown away.  With our program parents can view their child actives either in real time or email and the end of their child’s day.  Each day our staff will take a picture of your child which will then be available with their daily report. Staff will document feeding, activities, milestones, diapering, etc.  

Smart Board

Smart Board Activities our integrated throughout the week in our preschool rooms. These activities include circle time, music and movement, and story time.


Kindles are available for our school agers. These tablets are used for educational pre-processes to help with homework or classroom activities. School agers have the ability to research a variety of topics during the day.  

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