Learning Through Technology
Technology Based Childcare


Learning Through Technology offers two different programs to assist with the education and development of our children.  The first program we offer is Teaching Strategies Gold.  This is an online assessment tool used to incorporate and reinforce the individual learning styles for each child.   The program is implemented in each classroom, starting from the Infant room to the School Age classroom. This program offers a variety of user friendly tools that our teachers use such as online portfolios and observations, the ability to work dual language learners (both English and Spanish speaking), and a developmentally appropriate curriculum.  

The second program we offer is Baby Connect.  Baby Connect is a daily tracking system that we use to communicate detailed information between staff working within each class and between the staff and our families.  Our parents can communicate with our staff via email and their mobile device.  This program allows parents and staff to enter and retrieve important information, monitor the children to create structured schedules, and identify patterns that affect the child’s development.  Using this program allows our parents to be free from anxiety when leaving their children in our care!
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