Learning Through Technology
Technology Based Childcare


Learning through Technology Child Care Academy is a premier childcare center that focuses on the unique individual needs of all students within our care.  We integrate technology into the classrooms to help the students explore/discover language, numbers and vocabulary.  

The teachers foster a T.E.C.H way of learning...
T - Technology
E - Education
C - Character Building Curriculum
H - Healthy emergent environment


Our teachers at the LTTCA are focused on creating an learning environment that fosters the support and development of the child’s current knowledge and abilities.  We focus on building on the cognitive, emotional, and physical needs of all children by creating an interactive, technology driven learning environment.

The teachers believe that students learn best from repetition, consistency and a positive learning environment.   Students are never placed on time-outs at the center, rather are redirected through the methods of modeling, positive reinforcement, and showing a child a different opportunity.  


Teachers create lesson plans that are developmentally appropriate and individualized by addressing the child’s developmental stages and milestones in each lessons. The teachers use the software program Teaching Gold Strategies to complete assessment, portfolios, and observations on each child.  

The teacher lessons….
Engages the child
Create activities that encourages language development
Assessment driven
Socially cultivating
Create realistic goals and evaluations of each child
Explore different cultures and languages
Child centered
Health and physical development of each child

Supplies Needed

Change of clothes
Blanket (optional) this is provided by the center
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