Learning Through Technology
Technology Based Childcare

Infant & Toddler

Our Infant and Toddler program focuses on three main areas.  These three areas are the teacher child interaction, individualized curriculum for each child, and parental involvement.

We understand that from birth to three years, children are developing their foundation for learning.  Since it is critical between these ages that our teachers support a variety of learning areas.  We use two key programs that allow us create well planned individualized curriculum and that we share with our families.

The first program which is called Teaching Strategies Gold, sets the framework for our curriculum.  This program is a unique and consistent assessment tool.  The program allows teachers to do more than teach.  It gives our teachers the tools to process observations, plan and reflect on these observations, and then find ways to implement them into their daily lesson plans.  Each lesson plan uses scaffolding, which is a system of building on each child’s current stage of development.  

Our teachers are trained on Infant/Toddler development and have knowledge about the skills needed to help them in their Preschool years.  We work to provide unique experiences that let us monitor the growth of the children and create an atmosphere conducive to self-independence.  Our curriculum focuses on the children’s environment, their interest, and building an emotional connection. Our goal is for each child to become active, involved learners.  

The next program our center uses is called Baby Connect.  This program is a daily tracking system that is easily accessible to parents and teachers by computer.  The teacher and parents are allowed to enter information regarding the child’s day instantly, allowing staff and families an instant connection.  The system updates in real time through the Baby connect App.  If parent does not have the App, the tracked information is emailed to them daily. No more papers sent home!   What information will you see in the email?  You will see the child’s feeding times, diaper changes, activities, photos, and more!

Baby Connect allows our center to stay connected with our families and this program is one of a kind.  Our centers mission is to work not only with our children but our parents as well.  We use both programs to create open dialogue between the families, arrange and plan conferences, and also continue to meet the needs of our children.
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