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Food / Nutrition

It is Learning Through Technology’s belief that a healthy diet is imperative to a child’s well being. Nutrition and healthy eating habits in early childhood promotes physical and mental growth and is an essential part of early childhood development.

We provide nutritious meals that meet CACFP nutritional requirements by the USDA. Our meals are in proportion to the child. Our meals are homemade and provides the daily required amount from each food group. Our menu includes early AM snack, breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and late PM snack.

Our meals and snacks provide nutritious proteins, carbohydrates and fats, while staying within the recommended caloric intake for the child’s age group. Meal planning is based on State and Federal recommendations. Therefore, our meals and snacks have limited added sugar and sodium and increase dietary fiber.

For everyone’s safety

Learning Through Technology is a PEANUT/NUT FREE ENVIRONMENT.   Please refrain from sending any food with your child that may list peanut/nut on the ingredient list. Foods (i.e. birthday treats) brought to the LTTCA to share with other children must be accompanied with a list of ingredients if homemade or with the package label if purchased.

If your child has a special diet or requires an adaptation to their diet, LTTCA will work with the parent to created a menu that is acceptable to both the family and LTTCA.

Special Diet

Parents may provide food for children who require a special diet that meets the State’s nutritional requirements and replace an item the child cannot not eat ( for example a protein such as pork, must be replaced with another protein.) Food brought from home must be labeled with the child’s name and date.

Nutrients supplements or concentrates will served only with written consent from the child’s physician or written request of the parent.


Allergies of individual children is confidentially posted in the classroom, the teacher’s tracking binder, as well as a prominent place in the food preparation area. Staff will alerted to any food allergies. The cook will make accommodations on the menu to accommodate the dietary restrictions for an individual child. Again, the cook will substitute the food item with a item from the same food group, so if the child is allergic to a protein item such as an egg, the cook will substitute another protein item.

Please note: It is mandatory that each parent must supply a healthcare plan for any food allergies/dietary restrictions during the enrollment process.


Meals are planned a week in advance and rotate on two week schedule. Menus are placed in a prominent place within the meal preparation area as well as in the child’s classroom. Meals are served in the classroom family style. Staff sits at the table with children. Whole or 1% milk is served with meals. Water is offered continuously throughout the day including with meals and snacks. Solid food will be chopped or mashed to meet the individual’s needs. Food is served at flexible intervals. NO child may go without nourishment for longer than 3 hours. Food will not be used as a punishment or reward. Children will be encouraged, not forced to eat.

Health and nutrition lessons will be taught as part of the curriculum so the children have an understanding of the importance of healthy eating habits.
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