Learning Through Technology
Technology Based Childcare


Learning Through Technology  is focused on promoting the intellectual and and the physical well being of the child. Our curriculum is structured to develop social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of the child.


Children learn to express themselves, develop friendships and gain confidence in themselves through interactive activities in a nurturing environment. Our curriculum promotes language and creative expression through songs, play,stories, and art. The curriculum is designed to foster an environment where children are able to express their uniqueness.


Our program offers a well rounded program where children learn through cooperative play. Our curriculum builds on the child's previous knowledge and abilities. We offer learning centers which encourages skill development in Math, Science, Self help skills, Dramatic Play, Literacy, Art and more.

At Learning Through Technology, technology is integrated in all classrooms. Children have access to Ipads (Nari) ,computers and smartboards. Field trips are included at part of the classroom curriculum.


Our program encourage a healthy lifestyle. Gross motor skills are developed through daily outdoor play. A regular routine of exercise and healthy eating is  taught as part of the curriculum and ensures your child's brain and body are growing and developing life long skills.

Our early childhood program  keeps children engaged intellectually. Children learn from our innovative teachers who bring their excitement for teaching into the classroom. Lessons are planned to instruct children in a variety of ways to make each lesson meaningful for each child.
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