Learning Through Technology
Technology Based Childcare

Welcome to Learning Through Technology Childcare Academy

Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome you to Learning Through Technology Childcare Academy (LTTCA). We would love for LTTCA to be the place children and families consider their second home, a place where they are accepted and loved, a place where laughter and play are cherished, and a place where children’s rhythms are caught and given a warm response.

Our first and utmost concern is to provide a safe, warm, and loving environment for all children while they are away from home and to help them grow and develop a positive self-image and healthy attitude towards learning.

We offer a play based curriculum, designed to develop the child as a confident and well-rounded person. Our program has a balance of structured and unstructured time, divided amongst the various activities. The program focuses on language arts, number concepts, music, science, art, large and fine motor skills, dramatic play, songs and story time. 

Within this framework of a safe and loving environment, each child should be allowed to progress at their own personal pace by taking time to experiment, discover and learn.  By learning how to experiment and problem solve on their own, they will feel comfortable in a variety of situations.

Our play based curriculum is the most important part of our program.  Through joyful, healthy play, children begin a love of learning and prepare for life itself.  According to Dr. Rhonda Clements, the president of the American Association for the Child’s Right to Play and professor at Hofstra University, Dr. Rhonda Clements says, “It is important to maintain a healthy sense of play throughout childhood and into adulthood. Our complex society requires clear thinkers, playful attitudes, humor and creativity for complex problem solving.” Not only does play help children grow and develop, as well as begin a lifelong love of learning, but the healthy play that you support today helps prepare children for the world that they will work, play, and learn in as adults.
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